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At Latin Agents, our insurance leads have the HIGHEST closing rate in the industry. After 10 yrs of generating insurance leads for some of the top lead aggregators in the country AND over 7 million insurance leads generated since 2004, we have learned a few things along the way!


Unfortunately, there are some confusing practices in insurance leads that you should understand. Below are some examples of insurance lead generating methods that you may want to avoid:

Avoid Host and Ghost Leads

This is where affiliate campaigns designed for banner and email are misappropriated for host and post co-registration. The scam can be identified when landing pages show high numbers of insurance leads/conversions but no impressions.

Avoid Sub-brokering

Where an agency sub-contracts out volume to other insurance leads generation partners without the knowledge of the client. This means many sources are cloned as coming from one source making it impossible to measure the campaigns effectiveness.

Avoid Batch Uploading

Where sudden influx’s of insurance leads appear instead of real-time. So older insurance leads are being sold as fresh current ones.

Avoid Automated Opt-ins

That may be sold as insurance lead generation but takes the form of pre-ticked questions or a page of logo’s where one tick means opting-in to 10+ brands.

Tips on closing insurance leadsTips on Closing Insurance Leads

LAA members purchasing our exclusive insurance leads find more success when they establish a concrete campaign. Going into the closing insurance leads with the right frame of mind will also increase your likelihood of success.

1. Respond to your insurance leads QUICKLY. Catch your prospect when they are fully engaged in the idea of changing insurance.

2. Know your insurance product so well that you can problem solve and overcome objections with ease.

3. Cross-sale every time you see an opportunity. When you ask the right questions and develop a rapport, you can take your insurance leads to the next level of profitability.

4. Keep your insurance leads organized. You could even use a carrier based system or a third party CRM.

5. Follow-up on your insurance leads. The average lead takes an average of 5 phone calls before closing a sale. Never give up on your insurance lead unless they specifically tell you to stop contacting them.

6. Ask for referrals after developing a rapport.

7. Track your results to determine your profitability. Anything over a 5% closing ratio will get you into profit mode with a $5 insurance lead!

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