5 Popular Hispanic Events

5 Popular Hispanic Events that Insurance Marketers Can Use for Reaching Out


In marketing, releasing a really comedic ad on TV just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today, there are lots of different mediums to take advantage of – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and yes traditional media too (TV, radio, print). As great as these platforms are in promoting products and services, as well as interacting with your audience, nothing quite beats a personal touch.


Especially when it comes to Hispanics who really appreciate when brands make an effort to show that they care. Interacting and engaging with the community is the one thing that marketers should never take for granted when wanting to attract the Hispanic market.


That said, brands should invest time and money in sponsoring different activities, as well as joining in the fun too. You’ll be appreciated for doing so.


However, the question remains, which Hispanic events should brands sponsor or participate in? Here’s a few ideas:


Sporting Events


Sponsorship’s and sports are partners and have been for quite some time. Take a look at the jerseys players where in any league in the world, bet it La Liga, the Premier League or Bundesliga. You’ll find brand names attached to the shirts, sometimes being too large to ignore.


Football – or soccer if you will – is a popular sport played by many Hispanic countries. In fact, national teams from Latin America such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina had a good run at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


Events like the World Cup or even the local leagues provide great exposure for brands. For example, insurer Pelayo has been the official insurance provider for the Spanish national football team. Not only do they sponsor the national team, but they have recently inked a deal to sponsor the Under-21 team and the women’s national team too.


Sports sponsorship doesn’t have to end with football only. There are other sports to focus attention on such as basketball, boxing and even baseball. It doesn’t even have to be a professional sport, but also those little friendly games between kids or even amateurs.


Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Events


Look into the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in your area to see which ones you can sponsor. Some events are hosted monthly while some are hosted quarterly, and it’s up to you to take your pick.


Several of these organizations offer sponsorship packages which help boost the visibility of your brand. For example, the package can include your banner hung at the event and your logo in eblasts they give out for membership.


Cultural Events


Be it related to music or the arts, these types of events will see lots of Hispanics in attendance. Hispanics love group-related activities, especially those with deep connections to their culture. So, monitor every channel for any upcoming events – like Latin American Cultural Week and such – that you can be a part of.




Be it a business conference or a leadership conference, sponsoring an event like this provides brand awareness that you seek. Here, you can engage with attendees on the importance of insurance and showcase your products and services as well.


Career Expos


A career expo provides insurance companies the chance to connect with potential employees, especially bilingual and multicultural candidates, who can contribute not just to the bottom line but with diversity initiatives as well.




Any activity that requires you to sponsor and engage needs a great deal of investment. Your company must be willing to spend in order to get attention. Companies shouldn’t be hesitant to do so as this will eventually pay off – the greater the visibility, the better the chances of being noticed by your target market.



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